Britain will continue to be the world`s economic center."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The British Ambassador to Indonesia, Moazzam Malik, said until now, no party or business partner has withdrawn or terminated cooperation fostered with the British despite the result of the referendum saying Britain should exit the EU.

"No one has called me in the last 24 hours to give a signal that they will withdraw. None from the active Indonesian business community involved in trade and investment said they will withdraw their commitment," he said at a press conference here on Saturday (June 25).

The Ambassador said Indonesia has a great potential to become a developed nation and the United Kingdom, with all its ability, is ready to support the country in its quest for development.

He remarked that as the country joined the G20 (Group of 20 major economies in the world), Indonesia will also be among the worlds top ten largest economies within the next 15 years.

To make it happen, he said, Indonesia needs innovation, capability and foreign capital, and the UK will continue to be a strategic partner to help Indonesia.

"Britain will continue to be the worlds economic center. We will continue to work together," the Ambassador said.

Reuters reported that the British people who wanted that the UK must remain a member of the European Union lagged behind those who wanted the country to leave the EU, by 21 million votes.

About 17.4 million people voted for the UK to leave the EU and 16.1 million people wanted the country to remain a part of the EU.

Sunderland, Leeds, Luton, Swindon and Kirkless saw a landslide victory for those who wanted Britain to leave the EU.

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