President, PDIP faction meet at State Palace

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and the Democratic Party of Struggle Faction in the House (FPDI) met at the State Palace on Monday.

Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, after accompanying the president during the meeting, said Jokowi met with the representatives of FPDI at the request of PDIP.

"(They met) at the request of the PDIP Faction. Tomorrow there will be decisions (by the House) regarding the tax amnesty bill and the revised state-budget (APBNP) . There are a number of draft laws that the FPDIP has coordinated with the government. Thanks God, they have been coordinated with the government," said Pramono

The FPDIP was represented by, among others, Faction Chairman Hendrawan Supratikno, along with member Utut Adianto and General Treasurer Olly Dondokambey.

Meanwhile, Olly Dondokambey said that as the biggest faction in the House and as the supporter of the government, the FPDIP needed to coordinate perceptions on several matters with the president. "Thank God they have shared the same views and the FPDIP has conveyed its stand on several maters to the president," he said.

He noted that the FPDP informed the president about several issues regarding decisions that would be made (by the FPDIP) in the House of Representatives plenary session on Tuesday (June 28).

"We told the president that the debates on the APBNP have finished. We will decide everything, including the tax amnesty, during a working meeting with Commission XI at 3:30 pm today (Tuesday)," he said.

Olly added that President Jokowi hoped the Tax Amnesty Bill would be endorsed soon, so that funds would return to Indonesia, the economy would be liquid, and the economy would remain solid.

The tax amnesty bill has been designed to attract funds from Indonesia which had been deposited abroad.

Olly, who is also the governor of North Sulawesi, acknowledged that there were debates on the Tax Amnesty Bill and his faction was very critical about the possibility that it would become a credible law.

He further expressed his confidence that the Draft Law on Tax Amnesty would be endorsed in the House of Representatives plenary meeting on Tuesday.(*)