We dry the nutmeg through a highly hygienic process, and we send them over to Italy."
Manado (ANTARA News) - North Sulawesi has exported dried nutmeg to Italy in June, according to Head of Foreign Trade from the provinces Department of Industry and Commerce T. Hasudungan Siregar.

"We exported 21.2 tons of dried nutmeg, which generated US$48,802," Hasudungan noted in Manado in Tuesday.

Hasudungan further explained that dried nutmeg was a derivative commodity that was currently in high demand among Italian buyers.

"We dry the nutmeg through a highly hygienic process, and we send them over to Italy," he remarked.

The exports positively affect the nutmeg farmers and derivative product exporters in North Sulawesi as they boost the countrys foreign exchange.

Generally, nutmeg is only used as a cooking ingredient or turned into pickles, as a result of which it does not reach the international market. The reach of nutmeg is rather vast as it has now entered the European market, he added.

"It is difficult to penetrate the European market as every country has a set of food standards that need to be met," he explained.

Hence, nutmeg products originating from Sitaro Province in North Sulawesi are highly sought after as it has its own specialty and quality that cannot be found in other areas.

Hence, product quality should be maintained to sustain the demand from the European market.

(Reported by Nancy Lynda Tigauw/Uu.KR-ARC/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

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