The exportation of nutmeg is the most stable among those of other North Sulawesi`s commodities."
Manado (ANTARA News) - North Sulawesi Province supplies about 70% of the world demand for nutmeg, a local plantation official stated.

"North Sulawesi should maintain its position as the worlds largest nutmeg supplier," Refly Ngantung, the secretary of North Sulawesis Plantation Services, stated here on Monday.

He elaborated that the Worlds annual need for nutmeg accounted for about 20 thousand tons.

The major nutmeg producer districts in North Sulawesi are Sitaro Islands, Sngihe and Talaud. Their production, among others, is exported to countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

"The exportation of nutmeg is the most stable among those of other North Sulawesis commodities. The province routinely realizes the exportation of this commodity with a relatively stable volume," he observed.

In the meantime, North Sulawesi Province exported seven commodities to the United States in 2013, stated Head of local Trade and Industry Affairs Office Olvie Atteng.

"The seven commodities are palm cooking oil, coconut cooking oil, canned fish, copra, coconut powder, fresh fish and palm fat acid," elaborated Olvie Atteng.

Olvie added that 54,228 tons or US$44,882 million worth palm-cooking oil were exported to the U.S. Meanwhile, coconut cooking oil exports reached 51,369 tons worth US$77,723 million.

Copra exported in 2013 reached 222 tons or US$2,395 million and the coconut powder exports reached 20.6 tons worth US$23,373.

"In addition to the plantation products, other commodities that have high demand in the U.S. are fisheries products such as canned fish and fresh fish," Olvie pointed out.

Canned fish exports to U.S. were 1,052 tons or US$11,231 million, while fresh fish exports reached 59.1 tons worth US$629,209.

Olvie hoped that the commodities from North Sulawesi will find new markets to earn as much foreign exchange as possible. The Trade and Industry Affairs Office will facilitate the exporter to realize that hope.

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