We highly laud the police and soldiers ..."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - After the killing of Santoso, one of the most-wanted terror leaders in Indonesia, the rest of his followers still surviving in hideouts in the jungles of Poso, Central Sulawesi, are now ordered to immediately surrender.

In a shootout with Santoso-led Eastern Indonesian Mujahdin members, the personnel of the Tinombala military operation task force killed Santoso and Muchtar, one of his associates, on July 18, 2016, in Poso.

However, the members of the Tinombala military operation task force continue to hunt for some 18 people, two of whom are women, who are still on the search list of the Santoso-led terror group.

Therefore, Central Sulawesi Police Chief Brigadier General Rudy Sufahriadi has issued an order for the rest of Santosos followers to surrender immediately, as it will be in the best of their interests.

In charge of the 2016 Tinombala Operations policy in the framework of enforcing the law against the perpetrators of terrorism, Sufahriadi has urged Santosos followers to surrender at the nearest police station or military command post to account for what they have done.

The Central Sulawesi Police chief affirmed that the security forces were committed to humanely treating those who surrender and to upholding human right values during legal proceedings against them.

Sufahriadi reiterated that the rest of Santosos followers had better surrender than face arrest that could lead to harsh action, as if they turned themselves in to the police, the law enforcement authorities will pay attention to their families.

Involving more than three thousand military and police personnel, the Tinombala Operation was started in January 2016 following strict orders from President Joko Widodo to wipe out the terrorist group, which had made Poso a security threat for several years.

Most of Posos local resident thought that Santoso and his gang were a kind of hero and scary enemy, but now they can breathe a sigh of relieve after the Tinombala Operation has paralyzed Santoso.

During the shootout in Poso between Tinombala Operation task force and terrorist group, Santoso and Muchtar, one of his associates, were killed.

Following the great success success in paralyzing the fugitive terrorist leader Santoso, Vice President Jusuf Kalla praised the performance of the Tinombala Operations task force.

The Tinombala Operations task force has neutralized the wanted terror suspect Santoso, who was killed during a gunfight in Poso last Monday.

"We highly laud the police and soldiers, who have conducted a large-scale operation for months to hunt down the terrorist leader," the vice president remarked at the Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory in East Jakarta on Tuesday.

President Widodo had also received the report on a gunfight in Poso, in which terror suspect Santoso was killed.

During the gunfight, five members of the group had been neutralized, including Santoso, the terrorist leader, and now at least 18 members of his followers are still at large.

Therefore, the Tinombala Operation will not come to an end until the rest of Santosos followers surrender.

National Police Public Relations Division Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar said the Tinombala Operation will be continued, even though the leader of the East Indonesia Mujahidin terrorist leader Santoso has been killed.

"Tinombala Operation will still be continued to hammer uprising followers of Santoso, and to anticipate the emergence of the new seeds of terrorism," Amar said.

Deputy House Speaker Fadli Zon lauded the National Police and TNI for neutralizing Santoso.

"The achievement of the Tinombala task force during the operation in the Mt. Tambarana area is commendable. We hope that Santosos death will be able to paralyze the terror group that he headed," Zon affirmed.

Since the start of the joint operation in January 2016, the members of the task force had made several sacrifices, he pointed out.

Zon recalled that 13 military personnel had lost their lives when their helicopter crashed during the operation last March.

The success of the operation also demonstrated strong coordination between the National Police and TNI in implementing their on-field tasks, he noted.

The lawmaker, however, suggested applying a more holistic approach while conducting counterterrorism activities in Indonesia as terrorism was basically an act of crime, which was triggered by three factors.

"The first is the domestic factor that includes poverty, low level of education, and injustice with regard to the law enforcement process," he explained.

The second factor is an international one as terrorist groups have strong global networks to support their logistic and funding requirements, as well as emotional ties.

Zon said the third factor concerns the cultural aspect as several community groups still continue to have a narrow thought process while interpreting religious teachings.

Therefore, he emphasized that terrorism could not merely be dealt through repression but also through preventive actions.

Reporter: Otniel Tamindael
Editor: Priyambodo RH
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