The Indonesian Child Protection Agency is ready to engage in it."
Jakarta, Aug 10 (Antara) - Indonesian Child Protection Agency Chairman for Human Resources Henny Rusmiati has opined that the full-day school system introduced by Education and Culture Minister Muhadjir Effendy is believed to fulfill the childrens rights as a whole.

"A full day at school encompasses the provision of healthy menus, health checks, and complete immunizations; an increase in faith and piety; and the implementation of child-friendly entertainment, among other things," Rusmiati noted in a written statement received here on Wednesday.

Rusmiati said that to realize the "full-day school" system, which can also function as a forum for the fulfillment of childrens rights, the Ministry of Education and Culture needs to involve relevant ministries and institutions while formulating the curriculum.

"The Indonesian Child Protection Agency is ready to engage in it," she affirmed.

With regard to the emergence of public rejection and anxiety over the full-day school, Rusmiati said such reactions could be understood. Hence, if the full-day school is implemented, it should offer space for community involvement, especially to ensure that the educational materials will reflect the values of local wisdom.

The idea was floated by the education and culture minister to introduce the full-day school system for basic education, both for private and state elementary and lower secondary schools. Students will remain at school during the hours their parents are at work in offices.

The full-day school system will help develop the character of children, instead of leaving them free to indulge in any unsavory activity when parents are not home to supervise, Minister Effendy stated at a function in Malang, East Java, on Sunday.

However, many quarters considered it important that implications of any such idea be studied thoroughly.

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