Raja Ampat launches tourism and conservation website

Raja Ampat launches tourism and conservation website

Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. (ANTARA News/Aditya ES Wicaksono)

Manokwari, West Papua (ANTARA News) - The government of Raja Ampat, West Papua, has launched a website on tourism and conservation to support tourism services in the region.

The government is striving to boost innovation, Head of the Public Service Regional Office Technical Implementation Unit (BLUD UPTD) Water Conservation Area Raja Ampat Adrianus Kaiba noted in a press release received by Antara in Manokwari on Thursday.

A technical institute, since its establishment in 2015 and under the coordination of the Department of Marine and Fisheries Raja Ampat, has been given the authority to manage water conservation in the area.

He remarked that it was committed to improving services. Launching a website is rated as a step forward to improve the quality of services offered to both domestic and foreign tourists.

"As a conservation area, we felt it was important to manage conservation in a professional and sustainable manner for the preservation of nature in this area," he pointed out.

He emphasized that the website was launched by Raja Ampat Regent Faris Abdul Umlati at Kampung Saonek, South Waigeo District, Wednesday (Aug. 17). It is part of a series of celebration activities to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the countrys independence.

Kaiba said any information on water conservation in Raja Ampat can be updated on www.kkpr4.net, which is developed by BLUD UPTD.

Meanwhile, Umlati highlighted that the website provides information on various conservation initiatives, scientific research, as well as water conservation activities being carried out in Raja Ampat in a sustainable manner.

He believes the website will help domestic and foreign tourists obtain information regarding Raja Ampat, mainly related to water conservation.

Moreover, Umlati remarked that the website is important to ensure that the areas biodiversity is always maintained and can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Raja Ampat Islands are located at the northwestern tip of West Papua Province. They are located right in the heart of the coral triangle and are the worlds center of marine biodiversity.

The results of ecological studies by The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International showed that Raja Ampat is home to 75 percent of the coral reefs in the world, with 553 species of coral and 1,437 species of reef fish.

The waters in the area have abundant resources to provide sustenance and a means of livelihood for more than 40 thousand people spread across 135 villages in Raja Ampat.

Local communities in Raja Ampat have cultural links and strong traditional ownership rights over the land and sea territory.

Local authorities, through the BLUD UPTD Water Conservation Area, continue to ensure that water conservation is being carried out effectively, efficiently, and professionally.

This step is being taken to ensure preservation of the natural resources and to improve the experience of tourists visiting the area to enjoy its natural beauty.