The application encourages players to become more familiar with the capital market."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) launched an online investment-based simulation game "Nabung Saham Go" (Saving Stocks Go) as one of the measures to introduce the capital market industry to the public, especially to university students.

"The game was one of the steps to introduce the capital market to the public. The Nabung Saham Go game can be played by anyone although it is aimed at university students as it is easier for them to play. The game is similar to Pokemon Go," Development Director of BEI Nicky Hogan stated here on Tuesday.

Hogan emphasized that the game falls under the education category and offers a fusion of the virtual and real worlds. Players will encounter small adventures bearing different themes and will get a series of interesting information.

"The application encourages players to become more familiar with the capital market," he remarked.

Hogan elaborated that the "Nabung Saham Go" game invites players to collect points gained after answering the questions posed by the gaming application.

"Players can visit certain places, such as the Financial Services Authority Building and Indonesia Stock Exchange Building to get information on how to gain points in the game. In each of the places visited, the player will have to answer a few questions on the stock market. Each correct answer will be given points," he explained.

In addition to "Nabung Saham Go," Hogan said the users can play an analog game called "Stocklab," which is associated with investment instruments, such as stocks and mutual funds.

"The game Stocklab uses media cards and as an outline, the players will be guided on the strategy of investing and are invited to find out how the company made its initial public offering," he added.

(Reported by Zubi Mahrofi/Uu.B020/INE/KR-BSR/A014)

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