Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Speaker of the House of Representatives (DPR) Ade Komarudin has denounced the terror attack orchestrated by 18-year-old Ivan Arnadi Hasugian (IAH) at the Santo Yosep Church in Medan, North Sumatra, on Sunday.

"Personally and as speaker of the DPR, I condemn all acts of terror, including the one that occurred in Medan yesterday. This is the latest in the string of terror incidents that have occurred in the country," Ade noted here on Monday.

Ade urged the police to investigate the case thoroughly, so that it would not create unrest and fear in the community.

"I urged the police and TNI (military) as well as intelligence agencies to investigate the incident thoroughly and instill confidence in the public that it would never recur in future," he noted.

He said the government and its apparatus must not be caught off-guard with regard to preventing terrorists from carrying out their actions.

"The intelligence agencies must conduct early detection against any such actions," he affirmed.

Ade said he would hold coordination meetings with related parties and take strategic and quick measures to deal with the incident.

He appealed to all people in the country to stay calm and to go ahead with their daily activities as usual.

"I am convinced that the police, TNI, and intelligence agencies will take swift actions to deal with acts of terror," he noted.

The police stated here on Monday that the IAH had been offered Rp10 million to carry out the attack, Brigadier General Agus Rianto, head of the National Polices bureau of public relations, stated.

"Thus, IAH has been offered Rp10 million to carry out the attack," he remarked.

Agus said IAH had met someone on Thursday (August 25), who directed him to carry out the attack.

After the meeting, IAH assembled bombs following the directives of the person he had met and using resources from the Internet.

IAH later attended the service at the church and committed the attack in which only the priest was hurt as the congregation members were able to restrain him from committing further acts. The bomb did not explode, and no other person was wounded in the incident. The police have taken the suspect into custody for further investigation.(*)

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