Lebak, Banten (ANTARA News) - Student protested plan by the government to raise the salaries of members of the district legislative assembly (DPRD).

In Lebak, Banten a student organization said members of the district legislative assembly (DPRD) is already well paid with Rp16 million a month.

"The monthly salary is more than enough , in addition the legislators have not done much for the people if not stealing the peoples money, a member of the Lebak Student Family (Kumala) said.

Many members of the Parliament and DPRD have been convicted for corruption . The Parliament and DPRD are among the institutions badly beset by corruption in the country.

The government would do better by appropriating the fund to improve the welfare of the people rather than raising the salaries of lawmakers, Kumala chairman Iman Nurhakim said in Rangkasbitung on Sunday.

Kumala said members of DPRD are already given facilities such as houses, cars, free medical treatment and other allowances, while many people in Lebak are still living below poverty line.

"We ask the government to reconsider plan to raise the salaries of lawmakers especially when the state finance is not good," he said.

An activist of the Islamic Student Association (HMI) Abdul Rohman said it is ironical that the government plans to raise the salaries of lawmakers when it is cutting state spending to prevent budget deficit from widening.

The protest came following statement by the president to raise the salaried of DPRD members.

President Joko Widodo said last week, the central government has prepared a draft revision of a government regulation No. 24 of 2005 on the salaries of DPRD members and leaders.

With the revision wrapped up the salaries of DPRD members would be raised, the president said.

A new regulation would be issued soon on the salaries, he said.

"It would not be long . Not until next year," he added. (*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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