Civil servant police and tax office seal 13 tax objects in Jakarta

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Tax Office in cooperation with the city civil servant police has sealed 13 tax objects for tax arrears of Rp13 billion.

The 13 tax objects are located in various areas in the capital city including entertaining centers and restaurants and other businesses.

They were sealed after they were served warning, a senior official of the Jakarta Tax Office Elvariansah said here on Monday.

"We have warned them with letters not only once, but they failed to heed the warning,"Elvariansah said.

He said there are 57 tax payers in Jakarta not yet meeting their obligation including the 13 owners of the tax objects.

The other 44 tax payers have not paid their monthly tax obligations.

Head of the Central Jakarta tax office Adhi Wirananda said after being sealed with the tax arrears sticker, the 13 tax objects are given 10 days to meet their obligation otherwise their operating license would be revoked. (*)