Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - Three types of worlds tallest flowering plants, Rafflesia arnoldii, Rafflesia gadutensis and Amorphophallus gigas are blossoming in three different locations in Bengkulu.

"The two types of Refflesia family blossomed in their habitat in the forest and the Amorphophallus gigas blossoms in a breeding garden," Coordinator of Scare Flower Community (KPPL) in Bengkulu, Sofian Ramadhan said on Sunday.

Sofian said Rafflesia arnoldii blossoms in the Nature Preserve of Taba Penanjung, in Bengkulu Tengah, 46 kilometers from the city of Bengkulu.

The local people of Taba Teret voluntarily protect the rare plants in the forest near their village.

The flower of Rafflesia arnoldii is 75 centimeter when blossoming and it would last for four days.

Amorphophallus gigas is locally known as Bunga Bangkai (Carrion Flower) as it issues unpleasant smell.

Bunga Bangkai is an endemic flowing plant in Bengkulu beside Rafflesia arnoldii.

"This is the third Amorphophallus gigas to blossom in this breeding place," Holidin, a farmer breeding the flowering plant, said earlier.

He said in the same location Amorphophallus gigas, 4.1 meters tall, blossomed in in March 2016.

The first gigas type to blossom in that place was in March 2013 with plant three meters tall.

Holidin said he did not ask visitors to pay any but he said he hoped they give donation voluntarily he needed to tend the garden with rare plants.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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