It must be focused on its airport that I have not seen yet."
North Kayong (ANTARA News) - The North Kayong District of West Kalimantan has great beach tourism potential that could be developed, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said.

"I see that North Koyang has beach tourism potential," the president said after inaugurating the North Kayong Grand Mosque in North Kayong District, West Kalimantan, on Saturday.

"There needs to be some realignment in certain places so that the potential beaches could be developed," he said.

"I think we need arrangement at some points. I saw it last night, I will see again perhaps with regard to the needs for infrastructure. It must be focused on its airport that I have not seen yet," he added.

Regarding seaports, Jokowi said he has not yet seen the facility.

"I should see it before I comment on it. Inter-island connectivity and among islands to the provincial cities is important," he said.

He said that because infrastructure is important, and the government built it from the west to the east and from the north to the south.

"For example, in Natuna there is an airport whose runway is also long. In the coming three days, we will open the airport in the Miangas Island which is closest to the northern Philippines. In the east, we will open the airport in Yahukimo," he said.

Jokowi is in West Kalimantan to witness various activities highlighting the peak event of Sail Karimata 2016 in North Kayong District.

The activities included Medevac (Medical Evacuation Air) airshow by the Navy and yacht sailing pass from nine countries.

There was also a skydiving demonstration, Helicopter Bolco maneuver flying the Karimata Sail 2016 banner, and a colorful dance that brought together thousands of students from the District of North Kayong.

Deputy for Human Resources, Science and Culture of the Maritime Affairs Ministry Safri Burhanuddin hoped that Sail Karimata 2016 would speed up development in the region around the Karimata Strait, especially the North Kayong.

"We want to work together, namely the central and local governments through the promotion of travel and excellent products. We hope that the four provinces involved in Sail Karimata Strait activities could be further developed," he said.

The Sail Karimata 2016 activities involved the provinces of Riau Islands, Jambi, Bangka Belitung and West Kalimantan.

Other activities related to Sail Karimata included an exhibition of products from the coastal areas, Nusantara Jaya sailing, culinary festivals, dragon boat competition, development of fishermen information center and weave design contest.

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