InaBIF provides data on Indonesian diversity and derives from a national depository center ..."
Bogor (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) launched an IT-based application named Indonesia Biodiversity Information Facility or InaBIF, which is an information system of national biodiversity here on Thursday.

LIPIs Primary Secretary Siti Nuramalia Prijono said data is important for the preservation of biodiversity and for establishing policies on biodiversity protection.

Siti pointed out that besides being a medium of information, InaBIF serves as an educational application to raise awareness and helps policy makers take decisions regarding flora and fauna conservation.

LIPIs Deputy for Life Sciences Enny Sudarmonowati said in collecting data InaBIF is connected with Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the Indonesian National Biodiversity.

"InaBIF provides data on Indonesian diversity and derives from a national depository center, a variety of the latest literature, and from other institutions," she said.

InaBIF, she said, is built based on the contemporary development of science and the public demand for open information, guidelines mentioned in the Indonesian Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (IBSAP) and the Convention on Bioiversity (CBD).

"InaBIF is easily accessible to users and is rich in various research on Indonesian biodiversity," Enny noted.

She added that InaBIF is connected with other data sources from universities, NGOs and other agencies and institutions, which have biodiversity information.

InaBIF has been used by LIPIs Research Center for Biology for entering 293,671 records, 255 fields, 545 photos, 382 titles of publications and 24 books from 25 nodes.

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