House speaker condemns bombing in Samarinda

"The House of Representatives (DPR) condemned the incident that affected innocent children. One child even succumbed to injuries," Ade Komarudih said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias House of Representatives on Monday condemned the Molotov cocktail bomb attack at Oikumene Church in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, that left a child dead and three others injured, one of them critically.

"The House of Representatives (DPR) condemned the incident that affected innocent children. One child even succumbed to injuries," Speaker Ade Komarudih said at the DPR Building here on Monday.

He pointed out that he did not believe it was intended merely to distract public attention on certain issues, and added that Indonesia, like many other countries, must not be too lax in exercising control over newcomers into the country.

"We must be alert in implementing the immigration law. I am apprehensive of possible infiltration by ex-Syria fighters (ISIS) in demonstrations being held by advocates of free speech. This would create chaos," he stated.

He reminded that narcotic drugs, corruption and terrorism were all big enemies of Indonesia. The country must systematically mobilize its strength to fight them.

Ade cautioned that infiltration could happen during demonstrations and all parties need to stay alert.

"I am afraid that terrorists might infiltrate the ranks of protesters. These terrorists are not people who really want to give vent to peoples aspirations. In fact, their agenda is to destroy democracy," he explained.

The politician from Golkar Party said he has been encouraging an immediate revision of Law Number 15 of 2003 on eradicating terrorism in Indonesia.

However, he warned against coming up with a revised law that is difficult to implement. The committee discussing the revision process must accept inputs from various parties, he counseled.

"Inputs from various quarters must be received well by the committee, the government, and the DPR so that the revised law is one that can be implemented and is not flawed," he reiterated.

The bomb explosion at Oikumene Church happened at around 11.30am local time when the congregation had just concluded a service while the children were playing outside the church, waiting for their parents.

Four under-five-year-old children were hurt in the incident. One of them---three-year old Intan Marbun---died on Monday morning at a hospital after suffering 70 percent burns.

Another victim, Trinity Hutahaean (4), was still critical.

Police have arrested the suspect in the incident, identified by his initial as J.

The Chief of the Public Relations Divisions at the National Police Headquarters, Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar, said on Sunday that J was believed to be a member of the JAD terrorist cell in East Kalimantan, which has links to the Anshori terrorist cell in East Java.

The police will investigate the motive behind the explosion, he observed.

President Joko Widodo has ordered the police chief, General Tito Karnavian, to investigate the incident.

"I have ordered him to immediately tackle it," he informed after meeting leaders of the United Development Party (PPP) on Sunday.

President Joko Widodo said the law must be enforced firmly and the case should be investigated thoroughly.(*)