However, we hope it would not happen in Indonesia."
Ambon (ANTARA News) - The press has a crucial role in the nations development, although the mainstream media is currently facing enormous challenges owing to the rising popularity of social media, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) remarked here on Thursday.

"Social media is becoming a new exceptional form of dependency not only among the public but also among district heads, mayors, governors, ministers, and the president. Some are happy using social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Path and Facebook," Jokowi stated while attending an event to commemorate National Press Day here.

The president noted that the mainstream media has slowly lost its competitive edge and its failure to adapt to developments in social media has led to its downfall, adding that the phenomenon can be witnessed across the world.

"However, we hope it would not happen in Indonesia," the president said, adding that the role of mainstream media remains crucial for the development of the nation.

Jokowi emphasized that mainstream media will continue to play a critical role in the countrys development, particularly with regard to human resources, through the information being disseminated.

The president pointed out that the spread of fake news or hoax information on social media has been a common phenomenon in several countries and not only in Indonesia.

"I have received information on the same matter from my talks and discussions with the prime ministers and presidents of other countries. Yes, this is openness; we could not say no," Jokowi affirmed.

This problem should not be exaggerated but should be dealt with firmly, he added.

However, Jokowi also believed that Indonesian people are smart and mature to detect hoax or fake news.

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