670 houses flooded in Sarolangun district

Jambi (ANTARA News) - Some 670 houses in Sarilangun district, Jambi province, were flooded on Sunday after rivers overflowed their banks due to heavy rains in the past week.

The flood began to affect 11 villages in the three sub-districts of Mandingain, Pauh and Air Hitam on February 28, head of the Sarilangun District Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) Mulyandi said on Sunday.

"Because of the flood, many houses in each of the villages are inundated," he said.

The flood inundated 43 houses in Gurun Baru village, 38 houses in Gurun Mudo villages and 99 houses in Kerto Pati village, Mandiangin sub-district.

In Pauh sub-district, the flood inundated 75 houses in Pauh village, 32 houses in Lamban Sigatal village, 101 houses in Sepintun village, 70 houses in Batu Kucing village 70 rumah, 50 houses in Batu Ampar village and 15 houses in Pengadaran village.

In Air Hitam sub-district, the flood inundated 50 houses in Lubuk Jering village and 97 houses in Bukit Suban village.(*)