The application will show details of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi."
Banyuwangi(ANTARA News) - Azwar Anas, the Banyuwangi district head, has launched an android-based tourism and culinary application called "Banyuwangi in Your Hand" to promote tourist destinations in the region.

"Banyuwangi in Your Hand is an innovation to offer convenience to the tourists visiting Banyuwangi. At the same time, this is in accordance with the tourism industrys market trend to bring about digitization in all areas," Anas stated here, Thursday.

The application uses augmented and virtual reality formats that can be viewed as videos, animation, and 3D. The application is also connected to Google maps.

"This application will help the tourists visiting Banyuwangi for the first time, in particular. The application will show details of tourist attractions in Banyuwangi," he noted.

Yanuar Bramuda, head of the Banyuwangi tourist office, remarked that the "Banyuwangi in Your Hand" application will be connected to similar applications, such as "Europe in Your Hand" and "Australia in Your Hand," to promote Banyuwangi in Europe and Australia.

Located in the eastern tip of Java Island, Banyuwangi is also blessed with scenic beaches and mountains.

Ijen Crater located in the western part of Banyuwangi is famous for its scenic crater lake, the traditional sulfur miners who scale and descend the slopes of Mount Merapi, and the plantations covering the craters slopes.

The National Park of Meru Betiri is famous for Javan tigers and turtles.

Banyuwangi, termed as "the Sunrise of Java," had attracted some 80 thousand foreign tourists and 3.2 million domestic tourists last year owing to various festivals organized to promote tourism.

Last year, Banyuwangi had planned at least 58 festivals, including 20 new events, such as the Canal Rafting Festival, Sailing Ship Festival, Underwater Festival, and Badeng River Tubing Festival, in addition to the Paddy Planting Festival and Fishery Festival, Anas pointed out.

In 2015, the district had organized 38 festivals.

This year, Banyuwangi has planned to hold 72 activities to enliven the 2017 Banyuwangi Festival.

(Reported by Masuki M. Astro/Uu.F001/INE/KR-BSR)

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