WHO appreciates Papua KPA for taking part in socializing prepex

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA News) - The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed appreciation to the Papuas HIV/AIDS Eradication Commission (KPA) for being active in socializing adoption of circumcision using prepex in the province.

Prepex is the Worlds Only Non-Surgical Male Circumcision Device.

Technical advisor of the Male Circumcision Innovation Group of WHO, Timothy Hargreave, said here on Saturday he came to Jayapura mainly to learn and see the use of Prepex in circumcision in a bid to prevent HIV.

"Papua is the first area in Asia adopting circumcision with prepex after Africa. Certainly there is difference . That is what we want to learn and know," Hargreave said.

There must be differences in circumcision with prepex in Africa and Papua because of the need to adjust to situation and condition in each area, he added.

"That is why we are here to learn and see. Hopefully the circumsion is safe for all both the patients, the officers and other involved," he said.

He said he also appreciated the active participation of the local authorities in taking part in socializing circumcision with prepex in this province.

He said, however, that circumcision does not guarantee that the the province would be 100 percent free from the HIV virus, therefore, he advised man to use condoms in having sex with prostitutes to minimize the spread of the HIV virus.(*)