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ZHENGZHOU, China, Mar. 31, 2017 (Antara/Xinhua-AsiaNet)-

More than 10,000 Chinese from over 40 countries and regions attended a grand worshipping ceremony on Thursday to mark the nation's legendary ancestor Huangdi, or the Yellow Emperor, local portal zynews reported.

This Thursday is March 3 on the Chinese lunar calendar which was believed to be the birthday of the saint.

The ceremony was held in Xinzheng, Zhengzhou City, central China's Henan province, where the capital of Huangdi's Huaxia Empire was located after he united all the other tribes in China 5,000 years ago.

Ceremonies were also held in Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, San Francisco and Sydney to worship Huangdi and pray for the Chinese nation's rejuvenation.

The theme of the ceremony is "Chinese with the same roots praying for peace and harmony".

Since 2006, the ceremony has attracted tens of thousands of Chinese across the world to look for their roots every year and has become an influential event for the overseas Chinese. Xinzheng thus becomes a sacred place and a spiritual homeland for the Chinese.

Huangdi was believed to be born, start his career and establish the capital in Xinzheng. He was regarded as the common ancestor of all the Chinese people around the world. The worship activities towards the ancestor date back to ancient China and had become a ritual since the Tang Dynasty and lasted for a millennium.

As the homeland of Huangdi and an important origin of Chinese civilization, Zhengzhou has witnessed fast development in the past decades. It is one of China's transportation hubs and a window of opening-up in the hinterland. It is also an important intersection on the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge and is on the way to build a National Central City.

Source: zynews

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