Indonesia`s exports up 15.68 percent in March 2017

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias exports were up 15.68 percent in March, from US$12.61 billion in the previous month to $14.59 billion, according to Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) here on Monday.

BPS chief Suhariyanto stated at a press conference that the hike was dominated by an increase in the non-oil and gas exports reaching $13.11 billion, or up 14.86 percent, from the previous month.

"The export value in March 2017 was recorded at $14.59 billion, up 15.68 percent from Feb. Compared to March 2016, the hike reached 23.55 percent," he noted.

The hike in the non-oil and gas exports in March was contributed by an increase in the exports of mineral fuels reaching $459.4 million, or 32.84 percent, he noted, adding that the exports of chemical products were down 9.05 percent, or $31.8 million.

Non-oil and gas export destination countries in March 2017 include China, with exports to the country reaching $1.7 billion; the US, reaching $1.51 billion; and Japan, recorded at $1.26 billion. All of them contributed 34.72 percent of the total exports. Exports to Europe or 28 countries reached $1.46 billion.

In total, Indonesias exports from Jan to March 2017 reached $40.61 billion, or rose 20.84 percent from the same period in 2016.

Non-oil and gas exports in the period were recorded at $36.66 billion, comprising 90.27 percent of the countrys total exports.

In terms of sectors, exports from processing industries from Jan to March 2017 rose 19.93 percent from the same period in 2016, while agricultural exports jumped 22.84 percent and mining products and others rose 32.26 percent.

With region provinces of origin, most of the countrys exports were from West Java, valued at $7.00 billion, or 17.23 percent of the total; followed by East Java at $4.43 billion, or 10.90 percent; and Riau at $4.40 billion, or 10.83 percent.

Indonesias non-oil and gas markets in the period from Jan to March 2017 include China, worth $4.96 billion, or 12.79 percent; the US, worth $4.29 billion, or 11.70 percent; and India, worth $3.41 billion, or 9.29 percent.(*)