Indonesia, Finland explore waste-to-energy, air safety cooperation

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A business delegation from Finland, led by Economic Minister Mika Lintila, meet Indonesias National Development Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro at his office in Jakarta, Monday, to explore cooperation in infrastructure development.

"Finland wants to explore potential areas of investment in Indonesia," Brodjonegoro noted.

Generating energy from waste and air safety are the two sectors that have become the focus of interest of several companies from Finland visiting the country.

A company has also been working with the city-owned property developer PT Jakarta Propertindo on a waste-to-energy project.

Among the topics of discussion were the electricity tariffs on energy generated from waste and the tipping fee.

According to Brodjonegoro, the electricity tariffs for such businesses must have a sufficient margin for the companies as compared to the tipping fee.

Apart from Jakarta, he also encouraged Finnish companies to invest in waste-to-energy projects in Indonesias other big cities.

"I think waste-to-energy projects have great potential in many big cities in Indonesia. This is because it can not only solve the waste problem but can also help to generate more electricity," he noted.

With regard to air security, the Finnish government, through Finlands commercial banks, has offered a soft loan that is guaranteed by its export agency.

Moreover, Finland proposes an opportunity to cooperate with the countrys air navigation firm AirNav, as it promotes weather radar technology that can help aircraft receive the required information before landing.(*)