Government prepares 3,826 health facilities during homecoming flow

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Central and regional governments collaborated with private institutions to prepare 3,826 health care facilities around the routes of homecoming throughout Indonesia during the 2017 Lebaran.

Director General of Health Services of Ministry of Health Bambang Wibowo said here on Wednesday that the number of health facilities increased compared to last year, in which 3,583 health facilities were prepared.

The health facilities include 913 temporary health posts spread across 15 provinces in Indonesia, 2,228 community health centers, 374 hospitals, 207 port health offices, and 104 public security centers which are integrated with 119 telephone centers. Of the total telephone centers, 71 units were located around the homecoming routes.

Wibowo stated that every health post in a rest area has a doctor, two nurses, an ambulance driver, at least a four-wheel ambulance, and a two-wheel ambulance.

"We have two-wheel and four-wheel ambulances on standby in every rest area," he noted.

A health post on the functional routes has two nurses and is equipped with two-wheel ambulance.

He explained that there are some joint posts involving Indonesian National Police, Jasa Marga, Ministry of Transportation, and other parties to provide other services, including provision of fuel, tire service, tow trucks, and vehicle repair shops.

A joint post and health post are placed at each exit of the highway.

The health post is also located in the rest areas, especially in areas with potential traffic jams, which are Brebes, Tegal, Pemalang, and Batang.

Each health post also provides medicines and free medical examination to measure blood pressure and blood sugar of homecoming travelers.

"Drivers who especially drive private cars are recommended to check their health and not drive if they are not healthy," he revealed.(*)