The Ministry of Energy and The Oil & Gas Year to boost foreign investment in Indonesia

The Ministry of Energy and The Oil & Gas Year to boost foreign investment in Indonesia

The Oil & Gas Year. (Antara)

The 4th edition of the oil and gas publication aims to sit down with local and international players addressing key topics on the present and future standpoint of the hydrocarbons industry

Jakarta (Antara) - Indonesia is facing a crucial momentum. The country is involved in a series of reforms oriented to fulfill the demands of an increasing middle class and foster consumption of its over 250 million population.

In this social and economical turning point, the oil and gas industry is set to play a major role led by the hand of governmental actions which aim to tackle the chronic problems slowing down the growth of one of the world’s top 20 oil and gas producers.

The scenario presents equally as many challenges as it does opportunities for both local and international companies. In April, Ignasius Jonan, the Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources, announced that Indonesia is planning to attract investments of as much as 200 USD billion by 2027 to compensate for declining oil production. Infrastructure, logistics and exploration projects appear to be the most alluring for foreign investment, although, the ball is in the court of government bodies and regulators to ease apparent concerns of local and overseas investors.

In order to achieve such a bold commitment, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is partnering up with The Oil & Gas Year to gather insights, opinions and projections of more than 200 influential local and international oil and gas companies, banking and financial institutions and government bodies to create an investor’s guide addressing the main problems and solutions to increase the attractiveness and feasibility of the Indonesian market.

In this new edition, The Oil & Gas Year is covering the full spectrum of the hydrocarbons industry, incorporating the renewables sector value chain and emphasizing a special focus on exploration, infrastructure, logistical and power generation activities in order to highlight the ventures set within a landscape of industry reforms and the shift in energy consumption goals for the Energy Policy Mix 2025.

Previous editions of the publication featured interviews with top executives from SOEs enterprises such as Pertamina, official representatives from government institution SKK Migas and the Indonesian Petroleum Association, as well as thorough insight from international firms such as BP, PWC and Mitsui and an esteemed presence of local sector voices.

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