Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman organized a love local fruit campaign in Thamrin areas, Central Jakarta, in conjunction with the Car-Free Day on Sunday.

"Loving local products is the same as loving (the countrys) Red and White (flag), loving the people, loving the country and loving the farmers," he said.

Amran called on the people to consume local fruits. Local fruits taste delicious. There are abundant local fruits. Consuming them will benefit the local farmers.

On the occasion, the Ministry of Agriculture presents various types of local fruits such as banana, salak (snakeskin fruit), orange, cashew, cassava, Balinese orange, mango and durian. The people who come there can taste the fruits for free.

"Let us be active in cultivating our horticulture, plantations, and fruits because the future is here," he said.

Amran said, in addition to conducting campaigns in the community, his office also appealed to its offices in the region to always provide local fruits in office to be served to guests.

He also urged people to always consume and serve local fruits in various occasions, for example when visiting sick relatives.

While to other ministries, Amran requested that the consumption of local fruits and food can continue to be improved.

"We appeal to other ministries, employees, if there are guests, please serve them with local fruits," he said.

Minister Amran Sulaiman said the government has allocated Rp5.5 trillion to support local farmers in developing local fruit and food crops.

"This is the presidents order. We will provide seed and fertilizer assistance worth Rp5.5 trillion from September this year until next year," the minister said after attending the launch of a local fruit campaign here on Sunday.

The minister said the seeds to be provided through the assistance will be adjusted to the kinds of the local superior fruits.

"Any local fruits, if possible all local fruits such as mango and others," he said.

He said local fruits in Indonesia have big potential for export. Many countries, particularly ones which have four seasons, have been looking for importing local fruits such as mango, mangosteen and pineapple.

"Mango, mangosteen and pineapple have very good prospect," he added.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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