Little Bandung shop to open in Ecuador

"The store is already built; we just need to deliver the goods from Bandung," Kamil said.
Bandung, West Java (ANTARA News) - Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, stated that the Little Bandung shop, which sells various products of small and medium enterprises from Bandung, will be opened in Cuenca, Ecuador, in the next six months.

"The store is already built; we just need to deliver the goods from Bandung," Kamil noted in Pendopo Bandung on Monday.

Kamil, nicknamed Emil, remarked that the Little Bandung Store is a form of "Sister City" cooperation with friendly nations in Latin America.

Bandung municipal government, along with the Cuencan counterpart, would later on cooperate in cultural, environmental, and commercial sectors.

"My visit to other countries has always ended in the negotiation cooperation with Bandungs enterprises in the world," he revealed.

This cooperation has enabled the addition of Bandungs Sister City list, which compiles various cities in the world that holds cooperation with Bandung.

The cities include Seoul and Suwon in South Korea; Kawasaki, Hanamatsu, and Toyota in Japan; Petaling Jaya in Malaysia; Cotabaco in Philippines; and so on.

Foreign Cooperation Department Head of Bandung Secretariat, Bariati Ratna Aju, explained that the cooperation is based on both cities characteristics, from their number of heritage buildings, creativity, and waste management.

"There would be Letter of Intent (LoI) signing with Cuenca City in order to become a Sister City," she pointed out.

Ealrier, Kamil also visited Mexico City, Mexico. During his visit, Bandung would take example of their mass transport management system(*)