Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Italian government has expressed admiration for the values of five principles, Pancasila, as an ideal example of unifying the nation, as stated in a press statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia received here on Thursday.

The values of Pancasila, which is the foundation of the life of the nation and state, can be an example of the process of integration in Italy.

Therefore, the Italian Government invited Indonesia to share the best practices through interfaith dialogue, titled "Pluralism and Integration in Indonesian and Italian Societies: Perspective, Opportunities, Challenges" at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome, on Wednesday (Oct 11).

"Indonesia and Italy share a common understanding on the importance of promoting interfaith dialogue in the midst of intensified terrorism, extremism, and radicalism issues," Director General of Information and Public Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cecep Herawan, noted.

Herawan stated that the government of Indonesia was committed to promote interfaith dialogue by prioritizing socio-cultural approaches through empowering stakeholders, particularly religious leaders, national figures, academics, and youth.

Meanwhile, Professor Azyumardi Azra from State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, who became one of the speakers from Indonesia, explained that Pancasila emphasized the principle of acceptance of whoever becomes a part of the nation.

President of the Islamic Religious Community (COREIS) in Italy, Imam Yahya Pallavicini, remarked that the motto "Unity in Diversity" was very relevant for the process of integration of Italian society.

In addition, the Indonesian policies that promote youth involvement can make the process more effective for the long term.

The issue of integration is currently emerging in Italy.

With the highest number of refugees and asylum seekers in the EU, the Italian Government sees an important process of sociocultural assimilation between migrants and local people.

President Joko Widodo earlier called on all components of the nation to maintain Pancasila and unity through education and improvement of ideological values.

"Therefore, I call on clerics, priests, monks, teachers, educators, artists, media agency players, governments, military, and police to jointly maintain Pancasila," Widodo urged.

The understanding of Pancasila should be improved. In addition, the values contained in the five principles should also be implemented by the community.


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