Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - An armed group attacked a patrol vehicle at the 60-mile mark on an access road to PT Freeport Indonesias mine in Tembagapura, Mimika District, Papua Province, on early Wednesday.

The companys Vice President Corporate Communications Riza Pratama has confirmed the incident.

Following the attack, Pratama said a convoy of the workers Schedule Day Off vehicles from lowlands to the highlands of Tembagapura District was canceled.

"We heard the shootings, but there is no detailed information yet. For now, we have stopped the convoy," he said.

Meanwhile, Papua Police Chief Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar said there were no victims in the shooting incident that took place at the 60-mile mark, as the police had anticipated such an attack.

"Yes, there was a shooting attack. However, as of now, there were no victims. Based on our analysis, there was a plan to launch such an attack at around the 60-67 mile mark, and we have anticipated that," he remarked.

Earlier on Saturday, the police Mobile Brigade of Batalyon B Timika was involved in an exchange of fire with an armed group during a sweeping operation around Banti Village in the Utikini area following an attack on two patrol cars of PT Freeport at the 67-mile mark on the same day.

On Sunday, First Brigadier Berry Pramana Putra from the mobile brigade corps was shot dead at Utikini Bridge in Tembagapura District.

The armed group resumed the attack on early Monday when the police attempted to retrieve the body of Putra, and in the process, four personnel suffered injuries.

On Tuesday, the group attacked a vehicle of Tembagapura Hospitals medical team that was carrying a post-natal patient in Utikini Village. The patient Serina Kobogau was shot in her right thigh.

During the sweeping operation in pursuit of the armed group, the police managed to take over the groups base camp and other camps around the Utikini hills in Tembagapura.

The police have also found handmade weapons, a walkie-talkie, and some other devices.(*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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