21 Indonesians currently face death penalty in Sabah

21 Indonesians currently face death penalty in Sabah


Nunukan, N Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Consulate General in Kinabalu of the Malaysian State of Sabah is handling the case of 21 Indonesian migrant workers, who are allegedly involved in crimes and are now facing death penalty.

Consul General Akhmad D. H. Irfan, in a written message, Friday, said the migrant workers are currently facing the legal process in their respective working regions. They are involved in different cases and are liable to face capital punishment if proven guilty.

However, he asserted that the consulate general continues to assist the workers by appointing lawyers or legal counsels to help them escape death penalty.

Most of the 21 Indonesian citizens or migrant workers facing death penalty are involved in murder cases. Seven people have been successfully saved from death penalty, while three others received a death verdict. They are currently seeking pardon from the head of state of Sabah.

Criminal cases against four people are ongoing in the High Court. The Malaysian police is investigating and collecting evidence in the cases against the seven people.

Irfan said the steps he has taken to provide legal assistance to tens of Indonesian citizens involved in murder crimes are part of his efforts to offer protection.

Hence, he has appealed to Indonesian citizens or migrant workers in the State of Sabah to report to the Consulate General of Kinabalu if they have any legal cases.(KR-BSR/F001)