And thanks to human rights commissions and human rights activist colleagues who are constantly fighting for peoploe`s justice."
Solo (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) acknowledged that there is still a lot of homework for human rights enforcement that has not been done by the government.

"I realize there are still a lot of big jobs, homework concerning the enforcement of human rights that has not been completed yet, including the violation of human rights," said President Jokowi here on Sunday.

The President made the remarks during the commemoration of the 69th World Human Rights Day in Solo attended by Minister of Justice and Human Rights Yasonna H Laoly, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Chief of Staff of President Teten Masduki, special presidential staff for Communication Johan Budi Sapto Pribowo, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and other officials.

Some cases of unresolved human rights violations include the 1982-1985 mysterious shootings, the forced disappearances of 1997-1998, the May 1998 riots, the Trisakti, Semanggi I and Semanggi II events and others.

"This requires our work, the joint work among the central government, the regional governments and all components of society. With our joint work on human rights, we bring social justice to the people of Indonesia," said the President.

However, President Jokowi admitted that there have been many government efforts made to provide basic services for the community.

"The government has distributed Indonesia Smart Cards (KIP) to 17.9 million children from poor families. Recipients of national health insurance through the distribution of the Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS) have reached more than 92.4 million beneficiaries," added the President.

In addition, there is still the fulfillment of the rights of local communities and the rights of indigenous peoples who become the government`s serious concern.

"The government has given management rights to customary lands, customary forests, to local communities and indigenous peoples," said the President.

The President also appreciates the hard efforts of all those who have made a real contribution to upholding human rights principles in Indonesia, appreciating the governors, mayors and district heads who are developing "human rights cities and developing areas of human rights.

"And thanks to human rights commissions and human rights activist colleagues who are constantly fighting for peoploe`s justice. Happy World Human Rights Day and congratulation to the joint work in building a solid human rights foundation for a just and prosperous Indonesia," said the President.

The President also submitted awards to provinces, districts and municipalities which ranked in human rights based on the assessment of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

The provinces and regions are Central Java province, Bangka Belitung province, West Sulawesi province, Tapin district, Sangihe Islands district, Surakarta city, Gunung Sitoli city and Bekasi city.

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