ASEAN commits to cooperate with India

ASEAN commits to cooperate with India

ASEAN (ANTARA PHOTO/Hafidz Mubarak A.)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Secretary General of ASEAN, Lim Jock Hoi, said that the association was committed to strengthen the dynamic and mutual cooperation with India.

"India is one of the main strategic partners of ASEAN," Hoi stated here during the meeting of ASEAN-India Network of Think-Tanks on Saturday.

He noted that the meeting functions as a strategic platform to share ideas of cooperation between ASEAN and India.

He added that the ASEAN partner has contributed to the development of ASEAN community based on mutual regulation.

The cooperation of ASEAN and its partners, including India, also contributed to regional stability and prosperity.

Several challenges faced by ASEAN region include terrorism, radicalism, cyber attack, and maritime security, Hoi remarked, adding that the issues could affect the peace and regional stability of ASEAN.

"We should enhance mutual understanding to handle challenges. ASEAN and India, in the future, should develop what we have achieved today," Hoi revealed.

He appreciated the strong support of India to ASEAN in developing regional architecture. Hoi called on India to continue its active participation and significant contribution to the ASEAN regional development.

India is the sixth biggest trade partner and the seventh biggest foreign direct investment for ASEAN.

The implementation of ASEAN-India free trade area will help in increasing the economic condition in ASEAN, Hoi pointed out.

The secretary general added that the connectivity cooperation should be the strategic priority to tighten mutual relationship between ASEAN and India. ***3***

Reported by Martha Herlinawati Simanjuntak