Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The trading of shares remained uninterrupted despite a collapse at the first floor of the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) building`s Tower II, President Director Tito Sulistio stated here on Monday.

"The stock trading system of 180 security companies is running normally," Sulistio noted in Jakarta following the incident that occurred at around 11:55 a.m. local time, Monday.

According to the latest report, the second phase of stock trading ran normally without any changes in the schedule, the president director emphasized.

"The stock market operations remain undisrupted, as the incident only affected the physical structure (of the building)," he noted.

Shortly after the incident, the IDX president director was seen evacuating the victims.

"I was outside the lobby waiting for my car to head to a lunch appointment with Belgium Ambassador (Patrick Herman), but I heard the noise (Duar) at the lobby. I ran back to the building and helped people to evacuate the injured," he stated.

Sulistio noted that most victims were taken to the hospitals in Siloam and Jakarta.

Until now, the IDX chief admitted to not yet receiving information on the cause of the incident.

Meanwhile, Rheza Andika, the IDX communication staff, pointed out that some parts of the building`s structure had collapsed before the first closing of the Composite Stock Price Index on Monday.

Hence, the second trading session was delayed by an hour due to the force majeure, Andika remarked.

On a separate occasion, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has made assurance that the stock trading at IDX will run normally despite the incident.

In a written statement received by Antara in Jakarta, Monday, OJK Deputy Commissioner for Strategic and Logistics Management Anto Prabowo affirmed that the authority had called on the IDX management to immediately investigate the collapse.

"All transaction and settlement processes were uninterrupted. During the trading session, no blackouts or network failures were reported. The stock trading JATS, E-CLEARS, and C-BEST systems worked perfectly," Prabowo noted.

77 injured

Meanwhile, according to the latest report issued by the Police, some 77 visitors and employees were injured in the incident.

Inspector General Pol. Setyo Wasisto, the Police spokesperson, stated at the National Police Headquarters on Monday that some 75 victims were hospitalized, and two others were allowed to return to their homes.

Wasisto further explained that some 17 people were treated at the Mintoharjo Navy Hospital, while 31 victims were hospitalized at the Siloam Hospital.

Some seven people received treatment at the Pertamina Hospital, while 20 victims will undergo further checkup at the Jakarta Hospital, the spokesperson noted.

On a separate occasion, Triana Tambunan, the Siloam Hospital`s head of business development, reported in Jakarta, Monday, that most of the injured are university students.

Until now, one patient has been allowed to return home, but the doctors are still evaluating the victims` conditions before determining their status.

Hence, Tambunan could not as yet ascertain the number of people who will stay longer at the hospital.

"One patient should be operated for bone fracture," she noted.

With regard to the treatment costs, the hospital has contacted the IDX management, she stated without sharing further details.

Checking the IMB

Following the collapse, the Jakarta provincial government stated that it will check the IDX building`s permit (IMB).

"We will check the permit and further look into the building`s physical condition," Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno noted at the City Hall in Jakarta, Monday.

Apart from the IDX building`s IMB, the provincial government will also review its Worthiness Certificate and conduct an overall construction analysis.

"Not only the permit but we will also run an overall test to figure out whether the IDX building is still feasible (for use)," Sandiaga stated.

After the incident, the IDX building`s management could not as yet determine the cause of the collapse.

"We could not share details on the collapse, and the total number of victims," Farida Riyadi, the building`s administrator, remarked on Monday.

Riyadi said the police is still investigating the cause.

She also expressed regret over the incident that occurred when the mezzanine at the IDX`s Tower II collapsed, resulting in injuries to dozens.

Although the cause has yet to be determined, the Police spokesperson stated that the incident was not an act of terrorism.

"I confirm that the incident was not an explosion caused by a bomb," he stressed.


Reporter: Genta Tenri Mawangi
Editor: Heru Purwanto
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