Indonesia`s struggle needs to be guarded and so does its diversity."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Photojournalism Division of Antara News Agency exhibited 111 photographs from the works of Antara photojournalists, as they launched a book titled "2017 Flashbacks" at the Antara Photo Journalism Gallery in Jakarta, Friday.

The exhibition is a routine annual event held since 2009.

"This year, we are launching another Flashback book for 2017 comprising several important events that were captured by Antara`s photojournalists," Head of Antara`s Photo Reporting Division Hermanus Prihatna remarked.

Of the 54,616 photographs sent in by photojournalists from across Indonesia in 2017, some 205 photos by 56 journalists were selected, all of which were later compiled in the book.

"Hundreds of those photos underwent layers of selection processes carried out by curators until we came up with these 111 pictures that are being exhibited," Prihatna added.

Moreover, Director of the Antara Photo Journalism Gallery Museum Oscar Motuloh, who is also an exhibition curator, stated that the annual repertoire of photojournalists` work of Antara News Agency is here to refresh the public`s memory of the significance behind the barrage of visual events that occurred in 2017.

"The `Flashback` is here as a general visual barometer for our press and at the same time is a form of appreciation for (the works of) Antara photojournalists in a bid to enhance their journalism product quality," he remarked.

Although the theme and message change every year, he noted that the 2017 Flashback leaned towards the subject of diversity.

"Indonesia`s struggle needs to be guarded and so does its diversity. Hence, the curating processes of these works were being linked to diversity," he concluded.

The exhibition, being held from Feb 23 to Mar 22, is showcasing 111 photographs that are the works of Antara photojournalists, while the book that was launched included 205 selected photographs.

Apart from the photo exhibition and book launch, a photography workshop themed "Two Days Photo Journalism with Antara Photo" for students, mentored by Antara photojournalists Prasetyo Utomo and Fanny Octavianus, will be held on Mar 10-11.

Moreover, a sports photography workshop will be organized on March 17.

(Reported by Aubrey Kandelila Fanani/Uu.KR-ARC/INE/KR-BSR/B003)

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