Dutch citizen dies in Raja Ampat

Dutch citizen dies in Raja Ampat

Illustration. The beauty of coral reefs in the sea of Raja Ampat, West Papua, (ANTARA PHOTO/Regina Safri) ()

Sorong, Papua (ANTARA News) - A Dutch citizen, Robert Postma (60), was found dead in a room at the Papua Diving Resort in Raja Ampat District of West Papua on Sunday.

The victim was found by his colleague, Peter, who had arrived there to wake him up. Unfortunately, the ill-fated Postma had already died.

Peter was shocked when he opened the door and found Postma dead in his bedroom, with his mouth bleeding, Police of Raja Ampat stated on Monday.

Postma allegedly died because of his illness.

The Raja Ampat police are still conducting medical checks on the victim`s body to determine the exact cause of his death.

Based on information obtained from the local people, Postma, who worked in PT Papua Diving Raja Ampat, was once the best diver in the world.

He has been claimed to be one of the divers to have ever dived in the sea through the wreckage of the Titanic.

Reported by Ernes B Kakisina