Ministry finds 360 Tumblr accounts to contain pornography

Ministry finds 360 Tumblr accounts to contain pornography

Mikro-blog Tumblr (17/2/2018)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s Communication and Informatics Ministry has found more than 360 accounts in microblogging platform Tumblr that contained pornography.

"We found more than 360 accounts following reports from the public on pornography contents in Tumblr," the ministry`s Director General for Informatics Application Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan said here on Wednesday.

Based on the finding, the ministry has sent an e-mail on February 28 to notify Tumblr about it. A team has given the social networking website a two-day deadline to clean its platform from pornographic contents.

However, the microblogging platform has failed to respond to the demand, and so the ministry has blocked eight Tumblr Domain Name Systems (DNS) on March 5.

"Until the application provider responded to the demand, the DNS would remain blocked," Semuel said.

The ministry has opened the chance for normalization of the website, on condition that the provider would adhere to the regulation.

"As long as the platform conduct the cleaning and meet other requirements for handling negative content, and agree to adhere to the regulation, of course it will become our consideration for normalization," Semuel said.

Reported by Agita Tarigan
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