Gold products of Antam gain world recognition

Gold products of Antam gain world recognition

Illustration. Antam gold bullion in one of gold shop in Bandung West Java. (ANTARA PHOTO/Novrian Arbi)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Gold products produced by the precious metal refining and processing unit PT.Antam have received world-level recognition.

Vice President of precious metal sales and marketing, Yosep Purnama, stated that PT.Antam, has earned the certificate from London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for its production output that is acceptable to all the people of the world.

"Antam is the only company that has received the LBMA certificate in Indonesia," he noted.

According to Purnama, the purity of gold products produced by Antam has reached levels of 999.9 percent.

"Except for Freeport, gold mining products in Indonesia are brought to Antam`s precious metal processing and refining business unit, because the results are satisfying, which reach 999.9 percent level," Purnama stated.

Indonesia can be proud as one of its state-owned companies has received the LBMA certification for processing and refining of precious metals. It is different from other factories, because it has gained international recognition for producing gold products with highest levels of purity in the world.

PT.Antam has also received orders for the manufacture of gold products from various countries, such as Japan, Singapore, and the US.

"We have also made gold products with a series of Indonesian batik design in 2015. These have been marketed to the international world and have become the best-selling products in the world," he remarked. *

Reported by Darwis Sarkani