Bengkalis immigration detains two Chinese immigrants

Bengkalis immigration detains two Chinese immigrants

Ilustration (ANTARA News / Insan Faizin Mub)

Bengkalis, Riau (ANTARA News) - Bengkalis Immigration Office has detained two Chinese nationals for allegedly violating their stay permits, by opening an ice cream stall in the district, an official said here on Wednesday.

The two immigrants are father and son with initials ZS (52) and ZY (27), Bengkalis Immigration Office Chairman, Toto Suryanto, stated in Bengkalis District.

Suryanto noted that following reports from the locals, these two immigrants were seen using hand gestures, instead of speaking in Indonesian language, while selling ice creams.

The two Chinese nationals admitted that their ice cream stall has been operational for one month.

The chief stated that the son ZY has a temporary stay permit (Itas), while the father ZS only has a visit permit. Both failed to show their working visas in Indonesia.

"Foreign nationals must need a permit to operate their businesses in Indonesia. For ZS, he only carried a temporary stay permit and not a working visa," Suryanto stressed.

Hence, the official will charge the father ZS under the Immigration Penal Code, Article 122 (a), for violation of stay permit, he noted.

Meanwhile, the son ZY will be charged under the article 172 (b) on Immigration Law, because he let his father commit the crime.

"With these charges, the two suspects may serve five years in prison and pay a maximum penalty of Rp500 million. We will hand them over to the law enforcement officer for further probe and detaining process," he emphasized.

When capturing the two immigrants, the immigration officers seized two passports, some packs of Indonesian-made ice cream, a calculator, and cash worth Rp700 thousand.

Reported by Abdul Razak and Siti Zubaidah