Makassar, S Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - Two Turks, named Hairullah Ceylan (35) and Ismail Yoru (39), have been deported by the Immigration Class I of Makassar, South Sulawesi, over the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) skimming case in 2017.

"The two perpetrators were deported after serving nine months in Class I Prison of Gunungsari Makassar since last year," Head of Immigration Division Class I of Makassar, Kaharuddin, said here on Thursday.

Both perpetrators entered Indonesia with full documents using a temporary visa, or BKVS, which was valid for only 30 days until the end of March 2017.

Despite the expiry of their documents, the two foreigners began to carry out activities such as skimming several ATMs, duplicating victims' data, and withdrawing money from the victim`s account.

"They are very shrewd in using the skimmer tool, which is usually installed in the area where the ATM card is inserted by the customer. Well, the tool is able to record customers` data after transaction," he revealed.

Kaharudin further remarked that the foreigners revealed that the tool was purchased from Thailand`s online shop and sent to Turkey via international cargo. They used it when visiting Indonesia.

The trick is to get the PIN number from the victim`s ATM card. The perpetrators keep the micro camera above the button when the PIN is entered. The weakness of this tool is its battery capacity, which only serves for five hours. Therefore, they will take it back after getting the money.

"They were arrested by the police after a customer reported losing his money last year. We jailed and then deported them to their country," he added.

Based on the report, the customer had lost money worth Rp140million from two banks, namely BRI and Mandiri Bank. The perpetrators had refunded all the money and were cooperative during the investigation until they were jailed.

Head of Supervision and Action Section of Makassar`s Immigration Class 1, Noer Putra Bahagia, remarked that the two foreigners thought Makassar City to be one of the cities that was easy to hack ATMs.

"Those Turks thought it would be easy to do their action here, but they were wrong. Unfortunately, regional police in Makassar have successfully arrested them," he pointed out.

Reported by Darwin Fatir

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