Indonesia`s reforms still far from realized: Habibie

Indonesia`s reforms still far from realized: Habibie

BJ Habibie (ANTARA /Wahyu Putro A)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Third Indonesian president Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie believes that Indonesia has yet to realize reforms for development of its civilization.

"The process of reforms in Indonesia is well conducted, but it is still far from the target," Habibie had noted here on Monday (May 21).

Habibie remarked that the target of applying reforms in Indonesia is the development of skills and competencies of human resources that can be utilized to develop the nation.

According to the former president, the civilization is the outcome of an improvement in the quality of human resources that can develop Indonesia to become a productive nation and not a consumer party.

He believes Indonesia can become a producing country.

Habibie pointed to the three requirements of culture, religious values, and scientific research to improve civilization.

"A good civilization can only be achieved when culture and religion can be in synergy," he added.

Cultural democracy, people`s responsibility, and the struggle to realize common interests are the most important values to develop the nation.

Reported by Dyah Dwi A