Batusangkar, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The Tanah Datar district government, West Sumatra Province, has offered several religious tourist destinations to visitors.

Head of the Tourism, Youth and Sports Affairs office (Disparpora)

of Tanah Datar Edi Susanto stated here on Wednesday that in addition to traveling, visitors can worship at these locations.

Religious attractions, such as ancient mosques, are available, and some religious activities are also held at the mosque at a certain time.

The Ancient Mosque of Limo Kaum, Rao Rao Mosque in Tarab River, Sa`adah Desert Mosque, Ishlah Pariangan Mosque, and Surau Lubuak Bauk in Batipuah are some of the ancient places of worship that can be visited.

Apart from being tens and also hundreds of years old, the mosques have a unique architectural design, and some of them are still built using wood.

Moreover, the area has several new and renovated mosques, such as mosques in But Selo and Quba Mosque in Tarab River.

Every month of Safar, in Malalo, the local community always holds the Basapa ritual in which the activity is held around the tomb of one of the Islam figures named Buya Nan 50.

Moreover, on the sixth day of Idul Fitri, the Dikia Tagak ritual is held by the community in Sikaladi.

Meanwhile, historian of the State Islamic University Imam Bonjol of Padang Dr Sudarman stated that several mosques or ancient buildings in Tanah Datar had been registered as cultural heritage sites.

According to Sudarman, the mosques have unique characteristics, such as the Rao Rao mosque, built in the early 20th century AD, bears similarity to the Sa`adah Desert Mosque and the New Koto Mosque in South Solok. Moreover, Limo Kaum Mosque is also known as a mosque with several poles and five level roofs.

Reporter: Irfan Taufik
Editor: Bustanuddin
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