Kupang (ANTARA News) - Head of Sub Administration Division of Komodo National Park (TN), Dwi Sugiarto, has stated that it anticipates increased waste production in tourist areas due to the increasing number of tourist arrivals during the holiday season.

"We anticipate intensive waste transportation activities from tourist spots," he noted here on Wednesday.

He explained that waste handling activities were focused on two tourist spots, namely Loh Liang and Loh Buaya, which are always crowded by tourists.

"Garbage in these two spots must be removed every day by Komodo business co-operative (KSU) and field officers from the hall," he noted.

By handling garbage, besides those two spots, the community cares about garbage (MPS) and continues to operate to transport waste thrice a month.

The MPS, which consists of three groups, is tasked to clean up the existing garbage on the coast and land, especially in the villages of Papagarang, Komodo, and Rinca.

Sugiarto explained that the garbage is generated from two locations of Komodo National Park, namely residential areas on small islands, reaching an average of 12 cubic meters per day or equivalent to 0.65 tons per day.

The second one is the waste generated from tourist spots, reaching an average of 0.19 cubic meters per day or 0.008 tons per day.

"The composition of this waste is based on the WWF study in the previous year. It shows that waste from the tourist areas is still much less than from the settlement," he remarked.

However, waste production can increase drastically, especially in line with Lebaran holiday or high seasons because of the increased tourist arrivals.

"Therefore, routine garbage dumping efforts are still conducted in the area. The garbage is transported to Labuan Bajo City to be managed or disposed of at the available location," he added. *** 1 ***

Reporter: Aloysius Lewokeda
Editor: Andi Abdussalam
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