Kanmo Group taps GenieTech for retail omnichannel solutions rollout

JAKARTA, Indonesia--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kanmo Group, a leader in retail distribution in Indonesia, recently tapped Genie Technologies, Inc. (GenieTech) to roll out its omnichannel solutions in a bid to provide outstanding retail experiences to customers.

This project, aims to bolster Kanmo Retail's productivity by upgrading its current platform, integrating retail tools and application using Retail Pro Prism which gives control and flexibility in tailoring the product to fit the unique business needs, processes, and brand.

Bhavin Patel, Kanmo Group's Omnichannel Director, said that the company recognizes the booming e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. This development urges online retail companies like Kanmo to build an omnichannel that puts seamless customer experience at the center, whether online or offline.

"To truly yield from our omnichannel strategy, the group has to look just beyond engaging customers through offline and online means. When you look at the customer behavior in Southeast Asia, you will know that people love creating 'basket' online. However, they still prefer doing the actual purchase in physical stores instead," added Bhavin. "We want to enable our customers to walk in stores where they can collect and check out the 'basket' they created by communicating with either a salesperson or through a POS system that runs in real time."

With the capabilities of Retail Pro Prism, Kanmo Group's current platform will be replenished to have a real-time interface with customers, as well as with employees, helping them to react instantly to business needs. It also enables an immediate access to precise data across the enterprise, necessary for improving decision making.

"GenieTech, our implementing partner for this project, fully understands our perspective. They know how we work and understands our expectations." added Bhavin. This project is headed by June Alcarioto, GenieTech's IT Director.

Bhavin concluded, "As a business, this project is dedicated to bringing more convenience and better experience to our customers. Fortunately, we delivered the upgrade within six to seven months, as opposed to the usual process that generally takes about five years. And, having GenieTech and other partners, helped us in this endeavor, has made it right for our customers."

Commenting on the successful rollout, Mahesh Gopinath, GenieTech's Chief Operations Officer, said, "Our team is more than excited for this project. We look forward to supporting Kanmo Group's vision and digital journey through this partnership."

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