Supreme Audit Agency inaugurates research library

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) inaugurated the State Financial Accountability and Governance Research Library to support inspection tasks and encourage public literacy.

"Credible financial governance is the cornerstone of the success of national development. Achieving it is not only through examination but also public understanding of governance and accountability of state finances," BPK Deputy Chairman Bahrullah Akbar emphasized on Thursday.

Akbar pointed to important issues in the governance and accountability of state finances, including corruption, management of state debt, contracts related to state assets, and management of state-owned enterprises.

Public understanding of such issues would be better if also supported by sound literacy. Supporting literacy is the basis for the development of the research library.

The BPK research library provides data, information, and knowledge on finance to the public, comprising 21,852 copies of books, with 17,410 titles of books and digital journals.

"The results of the 1947 financial report when the BPK began to operate can be searched through a computer in the library," he noted.

The research library also supports BPK`s services for reference requirements. Over the last three years, the BPK has served 217 data requests comprising 161 requests for undergraduate thesis writing, 44 requests for thesis writing for master`s degree, and 12 requests for writing dissertations.

Akbar expressed hope that the BPK Research Library would synergize with the National Library of Indonesia, libraries at ministries and institutions, universities, professional organizations, and internal auditors for offering effective services and publicity.