Bantul, Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - The Bantul district tourism office in the Yogyakarta special region will work on several tourist destinations in the district.

"We have several mainstay destinations, including the tombs of Mataram Kings in Imogiri, that have not been explored, and currently, we are pioneering to develop them to attract more tourists," Bantul Tourism Office spokesman Kwintarto Heru remarked here on Monday.

He explained that the tombs of Mataram kings in Imogiri Village is a special characteristic of Bantul District, in particular, and Yogyakarta, in general, as not all countries have the same characteristics as that of Imogiri.

"In addition, there is a typical sand knoll, or sand hill, at Parangtritis, which until now, has not been managed properly, although it is one of the destinations that is very interesting for foreign tourists," he remarked.

Hence, Heru noted that advantages in the tourism sector and other destinations in Bantul will be utilized more properly and promoted to attract as many tourists as possible.

Bantul District is endowed with beautiful natural scenery and a wide range of interesting tourism villages for foreign and domestic tourists to visit.

Situated along the South Sea on the south of Yogyakarta, the district of Bantul has some beautiful beaches and a landscape dominated by rice fields and scenic villages.

Hence, the district government continues to develop its tourist destinations to attract more tourists, as tourism is one of the mainstay areas that supports local revenue.

He added that the development of tourist destinations in Bantul is the local government`s priority, as most foreign tourists arriving in Yogyakarta are keen to visit and stay for a while in Bantul and visit the villages.

Reporter: Hery Sidik
Editor: Otniel Tamindael
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