Pidi, Aceh (ANTARA News) - The police arrested two people for killing an elephant belonging to the Conservation Response Unit in June 2018.

Head of East Aceh Resort Police Senior Commissioner Adjunct Wahyu Kuncoro stated here on Monday that the arrest was made following investigations conducted by a special team.

The officers had found the body of a dead elephant in Serbajadi on Saturday (June 9).

The police also seized elephant ivory measuring 120 centimeters in height.

The officer detained the perpetrators to conduct legal proceedings. The police will look into the developments to investigate the case of the elephant`s death.

"We arrested the perpetrators from different locations in East Aceh region," Kuncoro stated.

The perpetrators had also planned to sell the ivory. The East Aceh Resort Police has kept the evidence.

The officer had earlier found the body of a dead elephant named Bunta in the Bunin Village of Serbajadi Sub-district.

The elephant`s head was bleeding owing to attack by sharp weapons.

The officer also found pieces of evidence, such as banana and other fruit. They believe that the fruits had been poisoned to kill the elephant.

Reported by Mukhlis

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