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BPOM guarantees food safety during Asian Games

BPOM guarantees food safety during Asian Games

BPOM Chief Penny Kusumastuti Lukito. (ANTARA /Puspa Perwitasari)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has ensured food safety at several culinary locations during the Asian Games event.

"The BPOM will contribute in the 2018 Asian Games, such as by monitoring food and consumption security in Palembang. We have disseminated information on preventive safety measures to food producers," BPOM Head Penny Kusumastuti Lukito noted in the statement here on Thursday.

Lukito remarked that her side and the BPOM had offered food safety counseling at various culinary locations in Palembang City. Food safety guidelines to be followed during the Asian Games were shared with 1,166 business players, such as pempek or Palembang traditional savory fishcake food sellers, catering service staff, restaurateurs, and street vendors in Palembang.

In addition, food safety checks will be conducted on products that might use formalin, borax, rhodamin B, and methanil yellow.

"Jakarta and Palembang, as the hosts of the 2018 Asian Games, must be safe and offer quality food, such as balanced nutrition," she emphasized.

She also expressed hope that business players in Palembang and Jakarta would show high competitiveness by providing attractive packaging and quality products to be exported to all corners of the world and boost the local economic income and national economy.

"If food in Palembang and Jakarta is able to improve the quality of public welfare, the BPOM will help Palembang products to become more competitive. Similarly, the BPOM will also facilitate those not having a business license to obtain one," she conveyed.

In fact, some findings indicated the use of formaldehyde in home-based food products, such as tofu and noodles.

"We will raise awareness on a replacement for the use of formalin, such as cooling technology and natural tofu preservative (palata). However, palata is still awaiting a license from the BPOM for feasibility," she added.

Currently, the BPOM is working towards banning the use of formalin in food, as it is usually used to preserve corpses.

"If we found business players using formalin, they will be subject to criminal sanctions of two years imprisonment and a fine of Rp4 billion. Now, we have distributed `safe food` stickers, and it works as per its function," she added.

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