Jakarta (ANTARA News)- An odd-even traffic system imposed in several streets in Jakarta is effective in reducing air pollution in the capital city.

Based on data of the Air Quality Monitoring Station (SPKU), there was a decrease in concentration of CO, NO and HC gas coming from vehicles, during the implementation of the traffic control system, Isnawa Adji, head of the Jakarta environmental office, said here, Wednesday.

"The result of monitoring of air quality in the DKI I station in Hotel Indonesia Circle showed that concentration of CO gas dropped 1.7 percent, NO 14.7 percent, and HC 1.37 percent," he added.

Other air quality monitoring stations have also showed similar results.

The Jakarta administration has imposed the odd-even traffic control system to ease traffic jams and reduce air pollution.

The area affected by the system is extended ahead and during the Asian Games to be co-hosted by Jakarta and Palembang from Aug 18 to Sept 2, 2018.

To further lower air pollutants in Jakarta, the authorities have urged Jakartans to use public transportation means and leave their private cars at home during the Games.
reported by Susylo Asmalyah
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