Government attempts to secure Indonesian export market in US

Government attempts to secure Indonesian export market in US

Indonesia`s Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita. (ANTARA/M Risyal Hidayat) (ANTARA )

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The government, through the trade ministry, is attempting to secure the market destination of US exports by taking anticipatory step due to the emergence of international trade dynamism that may hamper Indonesian export.

Indonesia`s Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said in a written statement, made available to ANTARA on Monday, that his side will lead a visit to the US from July 21 to 28 this year.

The visit is aimed at maintaining a balance in trade relation between the two countries.

"The government will seek to safeguard and secure Indonesia`s export commodity markets to destination countries, in order to arrive at the targeted export growth of 11 percent.

"Therefore, the government should be ready to act if there is an indication that its export market will face obstacles "he remarked.

The visit, according to him, constituted an anticipatory step over international trade dynamism, which had spread to the policy on protectionism up to a rise on import duty. In addition, the visit will also aim at strengthening bilateral partnership between the two countries.

However, the visit to the US this time was only to safeguard the interest of Indonesia`s export in order to avoid being affected by the policy of protectionism. Besides, the US is the second main trade partner of Indonesia after China, the minister explained.

Indonesia is scheduled to meet the invitation of the United States` Trade Representatives (USTR) Ambassador to discuss the country`s review of the recipient countries of the Generalized System Preferences (GSP), and Indonesia is one among them.

In addition, Lukita is scheduled to meet with the US Trade Secretary in order to garner the support of the country`s domestic industry. Moreover, Indonesia is also slated to raise the issue on the US trade deficit from this largest archipelagic country.

"Indonesia is ready to partner with the US to identify and overcome the trade deficit concerned as both countries have products and services that are not competent but complement each other," the minister stressed.