Bandarlampung (ANTARA News) - The Bandarlampung City Police Department has arrested 74 drug abusers in two weeks as part of the Krakatau Anti Narcotics Operation 2018.

"We will act firmly and indiscriminately against narcotics abusers," Bandar Lampung Police Chief Sr. Comr. Pol Murbani Budi Pitono stated here on Wednesday.

Based on the results of the operation, the arrested perpetrators include 68 men, two under-age children, and four women.

Other evidence that could be successfully seized includes 20 kilograms of dry cannabis leaves, 27 grams of crystal, and one Ecstasy pill.

The police chief also asked each member to diligently uncover narcotics cases. If narcotics abusers are not arrested, there would be at least three crime cases a month. We would then have to act firmly against the members of police ranks.

The request by Pitono, who diligently plays badminton, is not without reason. Based on the results of the meeting of Operations Development in Semester I Year 2018, from January to June, narcotics cases have increased from 167 cases in 2017 to 219 cases in 2018 in Bandarlampung area.

"I have ordered members to be obliged to eradicate narcotics. Every month, at least three cases must be uncovered," Murbani explained.

He expected the participation of the community in handling narcotics. Capturing drug abusers will be easier with the help of the public.

"The area of Bandarlampung city is very large, with around 80 urban villages, while the number of police stations is only nine. We cannot handle them alone as we will feel the work to be very heavy," he explained.

"The handling of narcotics can be further intensified with the participation of the members of the National Police. Dismissal is a firm step taken with the exclusion of the profession.

"We are committed to eradicating drugs. If there are members involved, there is no point of view. There is no legal assistance. We immediately ask for dismissal. For example, there are members of the Teluk Betung Police station, who have entered the cell, just waiting for the dismissal." *** 2 *** (EOO2/INE)

Reported by Triono Subagyo and Ardiansah
Translated by Eliswan

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Editor: Heru Purwanto
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