Sheikh As-Sudais' Arafat sermon to be in Indonesian

Sheikh As-Sudais' Arafat sermon to be in Indonesian

The President of the Grand Holy Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque Affairs, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais. (ANTARA News/Bambang Purwanto)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Arafat sermon which will be presented by the President of the Two Holy Mosques (the Holy Grand Mosque in Mecca and Nabawi Mosque in Medina), Abdurrahman As-Sudais, during the 1439 Hijri / 2018 Hajj season will be available in five languages, namely, Malay (Indonesian), Urdu, Persian, French and English.

In a statement received through a short message service by Antara here on Sunday, Sheikh As-Sudais said the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched the Translation Project of the Arafat sermon into five languages through five different radio frequencies.

"Hajj pilgrims can directly hear translations of the sermon through radio broadcasts according to the frequency that provides their respective languages," Sheikh As-Sudais said, adding that the translation allows pilgrims and Muslims around the world to understand and listen to the contents of the Arafat sermon which will be delivered in Arabic.

According to Sheikh As-Sudais, the Arafat sermon in Malay (Bahasa Indonesia) is for Muslims from Southeast Asia countries, such as Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Arafat sermon will be held at Arafat`s Nemra Mosque measuring 110,000 square meters including 8,000 square meters of courtyard surrounding it.

"The translation process is carried out in a closed room that is very safe, with a number of translators," Sheikh As-Sudais noted.

The Arafat sermon will be immediately aired before the performance of Zuhr (noon) and Asr (afternoon) prayers according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Besides Malay, which is widely spoken by Muslims in Southeast Asia, Urdu is also the official language used in many countries including Pakistan, India and several nations in South Asia.

Meanwhile, Persian is Iran`s official language which is also spoken in Tajikistan and several other countries.

The Saudi government has announced that Eid al-Adha 1439 Hijri will fall on August 21, 2018. Thus, the implementation of the Hajj will begin on August 19 (8 Dzulhijjah) until August 23, 2018 (12 Dzulhijjah).

Editing by O. Tamindael